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Portrait Commissions

I paint from digital photos on my computer. For portraits, subjects lit by natural indirect interior daylight are best for painted portraits. I invite clients to my studio in Buttevant, Co. Cork, which has the proper studio lighting and conditions, then take digital photos. Or you can send me an image by email or WhatsApp and I will let you know if it is suitable to work from. 

My goal is to create a portrait that is the next best thing to the actual living person. An oil painting is archival and can last for centuries. It should be a perfect physical and spiritual likeness.

I work closely with the client during the painting process, keeping them up to date on the status of the commissioned work and level of completion. I can even send pictures of each stage via email if they so choose. Oil paintings need time to complete and 6 weeks to dry before varnishing.

I charge based on size and paintings are framed with a high quality white frame.

Commissions: Exhibitions
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